Modification to prevent PS3522 Power Supply burn up.

The PS3522 was burning up prematurely and also causing heat stress to the other components in the cabinet so we now have a two piece system with the heat generating part ouside the cabinet.

PS-4000 Power Supply 115/250 VAC 24 VDC in Shielded enclosure 401.347B  $595.00
PR-4010 Input and Power conditioner 401.347A $695.00.

Both are shown in our catalog and price list attached.
Prices US dollars. Shipping from Tampa Florida.

We provide with 6' interconnecting cable or longer if  you need.
The PR-4010 fits in the cabinet in place of the old power supply.

PR4010 and PS4000

PS-4000 and PR-4010

Naval Marine Electronics, Tampa Florida

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